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When Tobias Sjöqvist and Michael Jäderlind founded Odyssey, two years ago, the aim was to create a new kind of agency, helping customers develop profitable business through marketing technology. A kind of agency that didn’t exist on the Swedish market. With experience from running similar businesses in the US and the UK, Odyssey was established with a wide range of experts in the fields of market research, business development, strategy, marketing, communication, CRM, system architecture and data analysis. All working together to innovate the way we look upon and use data-driven development. 

But Odyssey is more than just consulting and presenting solutions to our customers (even if the solutions are great). We make the fluffy words come real with our advanced analytics platform Qogai. Built entirely on IBM Watson technology, with a state-of-the-art application and range of products. 

In short, we’ve created an outstanding technical platform and formed a team of experts supporting the how and why for our customers.

What we offer

We make business grow

We want to help you fully translate the possibilities created by the digitalization and to capitalize on the investments you’ve made in technical solutions. We have the knowledge to create, analyze and transform customer insights into activities that will create value. Both for your own business and for your end customers. We work with the entire process from insight, through strategy to implementation. Always with your brand as a starting point and always in the channels your customers use. And of course, always with a focus on long-lasting and profitable relations.


We are somewhat scientific in our approach to insight work, because we believe that it is the essential first building block for market success. Our research expertise ranges from traditional methods (surveys, focus groups and communities) to what’s commonly referred to as big data (i.e. real-time analysis based on martech generated consumer footprints). Together, we define and integrate your segmentation model with your consumer journey and your brand model. This will serve as a solid foundation when forming strategies.


Maybe you have invested time and money in expensive technical solutions and you have started to collect data and information on your customers. Many companies have! But if you don’t understand how to use your information, when and where, and why you should do it, your investments are basically a waste of money. This is why we work with strategy, analysis and technology closely connected. Based on insights, we create well-grounded strategies and roadmaps on how to implement and work with your data, analysis, customers, organization or anything else that will make your business greater.

Connecting the dots

We know from experience that companies tend to have their data scattered over a multitude of systems – that are not connected. Apart from being frustrating, it leads to missed business opportunities and less optimized ways of working. At Odyssey, we use our advanced analytics platform Qogai to connect all your data sources, identify and act on patterns, correlations and groupings in data sets. And we combine the technical platform with the knowledge and expertise of our consultants on insights, strategy and business, to truly connect the dots for you and to help you create Better Business through Business Insights. We dare to say this makes us unique.
Our portfolio

Products and services that are game-changing

Advanced Analytics made easy

Qogai is Odyssey's advanced analytics platform built on state-of-the-art technology. It offers real-time, high-performance analytics on massive data sets. Qogai is built to handle all your data, regardless of type, form or flow. We integrate all your data sources, combining them with external data sources and adding marketing research data to complete the view.

Tracking the purchase journey

Qlick.2.Buy is a brand-new service developed to be able to track your customers’ entire digital behavior in all channels. It will not only help you navigate the digital channels but will also create a deeper understanding of what is happening in the actual purchasing moment. This insight will, in turn, enable you to evaluate, optimize, automatize, and hyper-personalize your customer journey.

What do your customers think?

While many companies pay lip service to customer-centricity, it’s those that truly are customer-obsessed that are already seeing positive results. We thought it’s completely unnecessary to miss out on such an important opportunity as Customer Experience, and our presumtion is that you probably want to understand how you’re perceived by your customers as well. So we created our CX Tracker to give you the means to track, measure and improve your CX. 

A great place to work

To us, a great workplace is not all about fancy benefits or nice offices. Insted we put our emphasis on collaboration and communication. And having a great time. It goes without saying – a great workspace creates both stunning colleagues and great business value.
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Christer Sjökvist
Senior Advisor
Patrik Stoopendahl
Head of Strategy & Science,
PhD Student INSiDR
Jenny Sondell
CMO (Cheif Marketing Officer)
Andreas Nergård
Business Developer
Mikael Alinder
Segmentation Specialist
Igor Gusev
Senior Data Scientist
Emma Åström
Project Manager
Fredrik Augustsson
Analytics & Modeling
Cooperation partners
Anna Flory
Senior Consultant
Mats Lundquist
Senior Consultant and Brand Expert
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