Ignorance is rarely the right way forward

Life and business is about reinventing yourself, improve, adapt and enjoy the fruits of the hard work that you’ve put in. After many years in the field of advanced analytics my frustration could no longer bear with the lack of dedication, commitment and interest
among too many of the companies out there.

Even if the will of management is to become datadriven, work smarter and optimize the organization – the actual work getting there is taken too lightly. The competence in management is lacking, the IT department doesn’t get the right funding to scale the infrastructure and it’s considered better to hire low cost resources rather than recruiting high end experts which may actually drive change. On top 
of this, this is treated as an IT project instead of strategic change for the entire business, leaving it 
in the hands of middle management who have different targets and KPIs to match.

”Realizing that there was little I could 
do about this outside
of the board 
room I decided to act”

As co-founder and CAO of Odyssey I have designed Qogai. A platform built on IBM Watson Technology to enable ourselves and our customers to enjoy 
the fruits of advanced analytics, served on one platform.

Combining the power of DB2, Cognos, Cplex, SPSS, DSXand Watson on a multitude of internal, client and 3rd party data sources, we are able to deliver business optimization via A.I., Machine Learning ( Unsupervised/ Supervised/ Reinforcement/ Deep ), statistical/mathematical models with a feedback loop.

With Qogai, businesses regardless of size, may enjoy any level of advanced analytics.

Daniel at Odyssey’s office at Karlavägen 60, Stockholm. Here’s some fun facts about our brilliant CAO.
He has completed 8 Ironman and claims his love for strategy and resource optimization was born
playing strategy games like Civilization, Settlers, SimCity and StarCraft.

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