Segmentation models for
a changing market

The story

Panduro is a market leader and one of the most well renowned actors offering products and inspiration for creation in Europe. The selection ranges from interior design, paper design, baking, textile creation, DIY, children’s’ pottering to art and more. The digital development has partly changed the customer journey and Panduro’s market position, where digital marketing and commerce grow at the expense of traditional marketing and sales. With this as a starting point, Panduro works consciously with changing its marketing to meet the new, digital landscape.

Understanding through research

Odyssey’s task was to help Panduro in their understanding of the changing customer behavior, reaching from how the customer is inspired and retrieves information on products, through making a purchase, consumes and uses the product. Using a framing process where we studied research and reports within customer consumption, gathered relevant data both from inside and outside of Panduro and gained approval from key stakeholders within the company, we identified hypotheses on the changed customer journey.

A significant part of the project consisted of qualitative research through in-depth interviews with customers representing different segments, and a quantitative study on a national sample of consumers representative for Panduro’s addressable market. The statistical processing of the data resulted in a segmentation model, analysis of driving forces and a gap analysis of what Panduro offers today and what the market looks for. With these results as a starting point, Odyssey run workshops with Panduro to discuss results, prioritize and create several tactic and strategic decisions.

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Continuous work

The work performed by Odyssey and Panduro has had consequences for the brand strategy, communication and preferred channels, product optimization, store and website design. The change is an ongoing work in the company, and Odyssey continuously function as sounding-board regarding how to interpret and fine tune the results, and how to improve and optimize Panduro’s consumer-centric work.

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